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Isabella, a shy two year old girl, never had a normal childhood.  She had developed a tumor in her kidney that had rapidly grown causing her abdomen to distend unusually.  Her parents had gone from one hospital to another in order to seek medical attention for their child, but had always been turned away due to a lack of finances.  In one last attempt to save their daughter's life, they approached the Coptic Hospital.  Isabella had just been discharged from a major hospital to die at home, and they had nowhere else to go.  The Coptic Hospital agreed to operate on the child through the Surgical Hope Fund, and today, Isabella is a happy, normal child, undergoing chemotherapy also sponsored by the Fund.

During our many years of practice in surgery, we have encountered many cases which needed urgent surgical care and life saving operations which the patients and their families were unable to afford.  After many of them would listen to the consequences of postponing the operation, they would then thank the doctor and inform him they needed to raise the funds, but would never return.

The stories abound.  A thirty-five year old woman diagnosed with breast cancer, searches for money for four months in order to perform a mastectomy.  Unable to pay for the expenses, she never returns for the life saving procedure, and with each day that the cancer spreads, her condition becomes increasingly inoperable.  Another sad store, a twenty-year old refugee, a musician by profession, suffering from an intestinal obstruction has been deathly sick for ten days.  He comes to see the doctor with a distended abdomen, and his only hope is an immediate laparatomy.  He dies while looking for the funds to undergo the operation.

Many of the cases that have been referred to the Coptic Hospital have been due to the overcrowding and inability of local hospitals to accommodate numerous surgical cases.  As a result, the church introduced the idea of the Surgical Hope Fund that would greatly subsidize the patient's costs.  If the outstanding amount was still unattainable, the Surgical Fund would cover the entire sum.

In addition, the Fund also organizes surgical camps in remote branches of Kenya in order to intercept patients with these circumstances and bring them back to the hospital to be operated on, free of charge.  The Fund can even cover the transportation costs for those who need surgery but cannot afford the traveling fees.  The Coptic hospital is also equipped to provide medical aid and surgeons to remote and often under-stocked hospitals.

The Coptic Hospital has also invited many senior surgeons from the United States who have volunteered their time and services free of charge to perform highly specialized surgeries.  Our ultimate goal for the St. Mary Surgical Hope Fund is to increase our capacity; reaching and sponsoring more needy patients.

Supporting the Fund will provide resources that allow life-changing and life-saving surgeries, restoring hope into the lives of many people, and the lives of those around them.


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