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Care In Action International supports the mission of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Africa.  The mission has humanitarian and spiritual activities in nine African countries:  Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, D.R. Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and the Ivory Coast.

The mission is an active participant in building up the people of Africa, where human dignity and human worth are restored to millions who have not yet known the freedom from poverty, illiteracy and diseases.  The specific objectives include the following:

  • Provide holistic care for the sick and destitute through the provision of integrated spiritual, medical and welfare services.
  • Training and education of the youth as a priority target group within communities in need.
  • Vocational training, equipping and strengthening of the capactiy of the unskilled poor for self-support.
  • Collaboration with other churches and international humanitarian organizations.
  • Outreach services for various tribes in remote areas.