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How Can I Help?
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Message of the Month

We will do our best to inform you regularly about the news and the future projects of our mission so that you may rejoice and pray for us as we pray for you.  If you want to share in the mission work with your time or ideas, send us your thoughts and a brief resume about yourself to our address:

Bishop Paul
Coptic Orthodox Church Compound
P.O. Box 19697 Ngong Rd.
Nirobi, Kenya

You can also share financially in the various activities of the mission as follows:

In the USA:
Dr. Shoukri Wisa
20 Connies Ln.
Spencerport, NY  14559

In Canada:
Dr. Hany Michail
P.O. Box 53016
Mississouga, Ontario L5M4Z5

In England:
Dr. Onsi Morris
St. Marks, High Foleys, Claygate, Esher
Suury KT 10 OUA