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Once upon a time I was just some dust on this earth.  God created me, and after an enjoyable and innocent childhood, I became an adult.  A very successful one I might add.  A professional with a very busy and hectic schedule.  I was consumed all day with how I could enhance my business and balance all of my commitments.  I lost my peace among the various challenges that I faced every day.  After many years of this hard and complicated life, I will die and become dust once again.  My business, house, cars, and all I have will recycle to someone else.  The only thing that will be left standing are the good deeds I did in my life; the care and helping hands I gave to people and the love I had for them.

"Happy is he who has regard for the lonely and the poor; in the day of misfortune the Lord will deliver him.  The Lord will keep and preserve him; He will make him happy on the earth, and not give him over to the will of his enemies."  -- Psalm 41: 2,3