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Care In Action International is a non-profit organization with volunteers that are devoted to helping the very poor and the very sick around the world.  Currently, its main services are in Africa, with plans to extend its care across the world.  There are no administrative expenses, and 100% of the donations go directly to services.

If you are interested in learning more about Care In Action International, please feel free to contact one of the individuals below:

USA: Care In Action
Dr. Shoukri Wisa
20 Connies Ln.
Spencerport, NY  14559

Canada: Care In Action
Dr. Hany Michail
P.O. Box 53016
Mississouga, Ontario  L5M4Z5
Fax:  905-567-7089

England: Care In Action
Dr. Onsi K. Morris
St Marks, High Foleys, Claygate, Esher
Suury KT 10 OUA
Fax:  01372-818 418